From Karee Weber

I began to pursue homeopathic healthcare for my animals about eight years ago, out of desperation. At that time my Siberian Husky and English Setter were experiencing ‘allergic’ symptoms. I saw countless allopathic vets, spent thousands of dollars on tests, and subjected my animals to frightening and painful procedures, in an attempt to get an answer and hopefully some relief for them. Each vet arrived at the same conclusion, my animals were allergic, and cortisone was the treatment of choice. It never felt right to me, but without an alternative, I had no choice but to give them the steroid medication. Of course this was not curative, it merely alleviated symptoms for a very short time. And without the steroids, the dog’s symptoms were worsening over time. Even I could see this and the vets agreed, and recommended increasing the doses of steroids. At the same time they mildly cautioned me of the side effects of steroids. I knew the animals were in trouble, yet I did not know where to turn.

     One day while seeing my own osteopath, I approached the homeopathic practitioner who shared his office suite, begging him to treat my dogs. He agreed to work with me, but suggested that there was a veterinary homeopath in a nearby state that may be a better choice. Of course I was skeptical about working with someone who was 700 miles away, but I was also desperate. After contacting this practitioner by phone, I was surprised to learn that it was not necessary for a homeopath to see the animals, because careful questioning by the practitioner and observations from me were the keys to successful treatment. Slowly I began to learn, and eventually believe in, homeopathic health care. This required me to literally ‘throw out’ countless misconceptions that I grew up with and clung to, being the daughter of an allopathic physician. My learning curve was slow and I repeatedly flew this insightful veterinarian to our area to ‘examine’ my animals. I laugh now, in retrospect, because it was not important to HER to see my dogs, but it was critical for ME to have her look at the animals. She knew this, and complied to ‘help me on my journey’. Over the course of time, this wonderful homeopathic practitioner and I became good friends and as a result she unselfishly referred me to Dr. Levy, feeling that he would be able to treat my animals more objectively. I am forever grateful to her for wisdom, patience and caring.

     I have now worked with Jeff Levy for nearly four years. He has saved the life of my German Shepherd puppy, which now enjoys excellent physical and mental health (see Belladonna in Chronic Disease), has greatly improved the quality of life of my 15-year-old English Setter and restored sanity back to our entire household. It is so apparent that at each appointment Jeff gives 110% as he works with me to find the correct remedy. He possesses a true gift of insight/intuition that is rare, but common to all healers. In addition, my work with Dr. Levy has educated me to be an astute observer, to develop better communication and trust with my animals and allows me the piece of mind knowing that they are experiencing a very deep curative response at each step of their treatment. I have never personally met Jeff Levy, and I know that it is not warranted. In fact, just two years ago, Jeff was teaching in a nearby city. I did not even attempt to arrange a meeting for the animals. (Just a few years ago I would have pleaded with him to see us.) The relationship is working perfectly now, Dr. Levy is ‘batting 1000’ for my animals.

     Initiating homeopathic treatment is the single best thing I have ever done for my animals. It is far less expensive, less stressful for me and more pleasant for the animals. Changing a lifetime of beliefs and misconceptions was challenging at times, but I could never raise animals any other way. I trust Jeff Levy implicitly; in our lives he has been a godsend. I remain grateful for his commitment and expertise. I feel so strongly about my experience, that I am happy to discuss it with others. Feel free to contact me.

Karee Weber



From Gail Pope - BrightHaven

BrightHaven is a non-profit and holistic animal retirement retreat in Northern California. We accept animals primarily over the age of 16 years and some with a recommendation for euthanasia after conventional treatment has failed to help.

     Homeopathy has been our medicine of choice for some years now and we are proud to work with some of America’s finest homeopathic veterinarians. We felt honored when Jeff Levy agreed to join our team and are delighted that we can now report great progress in the health of his BrightHaven cat, dog and horse patients.

     We, of course, work entirely by telephone and have been incredibly impressed with Doctor Jeff’s ability to probe deeply into the character and temperament of his patients whilst showing a deep understanding of their complex physical symptoms. Working by telephone with such a sensitive and competent prescriber is invaluable and almost completely eliminates the need for stressful veterinary visits for our animals.

Thanks so much Doctor Jeff!!

Warmest regards,

Gail Pope
President – BrightHaven (
And “Marissa”, “Morgan”, “Jack”, “Dewey” and “Babe”.



From Laura Maddock

Dr. Jeff was recommended to me by Gail Pope, Founder and Director of Brighthaven Animal Retreat. Gail knows veterinary homeopaths. If she says someone is good, they are good, and Gail told me that Dr. Jeff is one of the best. One thing that Gail said, which really caught my attention, was that Dr. Jeff loves the difficult cases. Just what I needed, because my cat Oscar was a difficult case.

I am a believer in natural healing and homeopathy, so that part needed no convincing. I know how well natural healing, in general, works, and I know how well homeopathy works. The trick is finding someone who is a good homeopath, because it is one of the most difficult healing disciplines to master.

As usual, Gail was right. Dr. Jeff knows his stuff. He is part scientist and part intuitive artist, and he is an excellent teacher. Not only did he help Oscar live a better quality of life for the rest of his days, but he educated me every step of the way. He answered all of my questions like a good teacher would.

Oscar did not survive his disease, but he would not have lived as long or as well if I had proceeded with Western medicine. I will always be deeply grateful for Dr. Jeff’s help with Oscar, and grateful for all the good days that Oscar was able to experience under Dr. Jeff’s care.

Dr. Jeff is now working with my other two cats, Stella and Francie. Stella was incapable of socializing into a family—to the point that she was unadoptable at the shelter. I have always had good luck with difficult animals, but Stella was incorrigible. After nearly 5 years I was beginning to think that she would never come around. Under Dr. Jeff’s care, Stella has blossomed into a sweet and well-adjusted cat who can tolerate her once-hated roommate Francie.

Dr. Jeff’s work with Francie has been invaluable as well. Francie had developed both physical and emotional conditions, and she has made excellent progress under his care. I never cease to be amazed at Dr. Jeff’s depth of knowledge. My gratitude runs deep for the help he has provided for my beloved cats.

Laurra Maddock

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