Natural Diet for Cats and Dogs

The Dangers of Vaccinations

Drug Treatment and Suppression

Natural Flea Control


As a healer, I believe that the highest form of medical practice is the prevention of disease by maintaining a high level of health. In clinical practice, though, I am usually called upon after a problem has developed. Many times, these problems could have been easily prevented had the person only known a few simple facts.

     These are the most basic and most important steps for the prevention of acute and chronic disease in a healthy pet. They are, naturally, all the more important in an animal that is already manifesting illness.


Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment

By following these recommendations regarding diet, vaccination, drugs and chemicals, you can prevent the development of many health problems in your pet. However, these measures are basically removing deleterious influences. There are, however, subtle disorders and constitutional weaknesses that all puppies and kittens inherit from their parents. This is inherited (not genetic) chronic disease, which tends to progress with time, eventually leading to the development of overt symptoms. Vaccination, drug suppression, and other harmful influences tend to accelerate this progression.

     This type of problem can be recognized in its early stages, and, with appropriate homeopathic treatment, can be addressed before it develops into overt symptoms. This is, in my opinion, the highest level of preventive medicine. Skilled homeopathic treatment goes beyond removing deleterious influences, and actually improves the baseline health of the patient on a deep level, in fact, at the source.

     I hope that these recommendations will help your pet to enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life.

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