If I am going to be helping you with your pet's health care, we will have a doctor-client relationship that we both want to be mutually beneficial. Any relationship, professional or otherwise, is by definition two-sided. I would like for us to be clear about the nature of our relationship, and our respective responsibilities.

My Responsibilities

It is my responsibility to do my best to apply my knowledge and experience in veterinary homeopathy, nutrition, herbology and allopathic (conventional) medicine in helping you to improve your pet's health. At the outset, I will explain the proposed treatment, as well as any potential risks or discomforts to be anticipated. I will give you my estimate of the chances for a successful outcome in your pet's case, and discuss with you any treatment alternatives. After the initial work-up, I will provide ongoing guidance in remedy selection and implementation of the treatment. During the course of treatment, I will make every effort to be respectful of your needs and desires, and to answer any questions that you may have.

Your Responsibilities

The ultimate responsibility for your pet's health is in your hands. Whereas I will make many recommendations, you have the final say in all decisions.

It is your responsibility to call me with progress reports at appropriate intervals so that the treatment can progress. By the same token, you have the right to discontinue treatment at any time.

I am depending on you to carefully observe your pet for changes in response to the prescribed treatment. The detail and accuracy of your observations will directly affect our chances of success. I suggest that you keep a journal to record any changes as you see them.

Finally, you are responsible for making payment in a timely manner. Many of the animals I treat are seriously ill, and others, while not in a life-threatening state, are nevertheless complicated by virtue of previous treatment, or are for other reasons difficult to treat. Homeopathic medicine is both a science and an art, and as with any system of medicine, there can be no guarantee of results. So even in the unfortunate event that the results of the treatment are disappointing, you are still responsible for payment of the charges accrued.

In Conclusion

If you have any questions about any of these policies, please feel free to speak with me about them. As I said, I would like for our relationship to be one of mutual respect and mutual benefit. Most of all, I would like to assist you in having a healthier and happier pet.

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