The importance of a high-quality diet to overall health, as well as its benefits for many health problems, is discussed in "Natural Diet for Dogs and Cats" under Healthy Lifestyles. If you haven't already read that section, please do so now. Then click "Back" on your browser to return here.

I have formulated these programs as a way to prepare a homemade diet that is, of course, nutritionally complete and balanced, but also flexible, economical, and minimally time-consuming. I developed many of the timesaving innovations under field conditions- that is, preparing food for my own dogs and cats. It involves much less preparation time than any recipe-based diet plan.

Over the last 18 years, many hundreds of my clients have implemented these diet plans, and their feedback has allowed me to fine-tune them.

Order the Diet Programs

You can now download the Natural Diet for Dogs and/or Natural Diet for Cats directly from this site. The cost is $15 for one, or $25 for both, and can be charged to your MasterCard or Visa. This is a secure e-commerce site, so you can be confident that your card number is safe.

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